Hi, I’m Lindsay!

A Health Coach, business owner & author, dedicated to helping you find the best health possible in your life.

Lindsay Spencer

President, CEO, Holistic Health Coach

Lindsay’s greatest passion in life is helping people become their best selves. Whether coaching clients through chronic illness or helping someone start a business, Lindsay credibly shares insights and support to help people create lives they love.

Lindsay was diagnosed with and treated for Lyme disease in her 20’s, but after completing medical treatment, she was still in a near- invalid state.

Unwilling to accept a life of disability and extreme pain, Lindsay searched tirelessly to find answers to her health. Through years of tenacious research and recovery, Lindsay found and embraced a natural lifestyle.

Her unshakeable commitment to find solutions allowed Lindsay to recover and live a vibrant and full life.

Resilient and optimistic despite overwhelming setbacks, Lindsay naturally shares a message of hope wherever she goes.

She firmly believes that healthy lifestyle practices and good support from friends, family, and a health support team can provide a perfect healing environment for the body and soul.

Lindsay has been a musician since childhood and studied to become a concert pianist before being diagnosed with Lyme disease. While her music studies are less intense today, Lindsay loves to play the piano and share in the joy of music with others.

Lindsay is a gifted listener and aptly hones in on the heart of problems and the hearts of people. Deeply compassionate, Lindsay cares about others with a kind of attention that is rare and touching.

Lindsay’s experiences have been the impetus for her to create her current businesses – sundanceromance.com, lymecrossing.com and her private business coaching and health coaching  – which allow others to access her broad knowledge base, worldwide. She provides solid solutions to intense problems in the health field and in people’s lives.

Areas of expertise: Essential Oils, Cleansing, Emotional Health, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Natural Birthing, Natural Wellness

Sherri Rice

Wellness Coach, Lyme Crossing Coach

Always a maverick, Sherri went vegan 29 years ago, before people even knew what vegan was! She made this change in an effort to turn around major health issues she was suffering from at the time.

Doctors gave her no answers for what she was dealing with, so following her intuition, she began her journey in natural health.

The past 3 decades of study and application in nutrition and the natural health field have given her a wealth of information and experience.

Graceful and energetic, Sherri has been a dancer her whole life, teaching social dance for 30 years as part of an active lifestyle.

She feels fortunate to lead the vibrant life she does, due to what she believes are key health choices, and she loves teaching others to support natural and healthy lifestyles.

Sherri is usually either laughing or smiling. She’s passionate about people and all things positive. Her appreciation for life and its joys come from deep within.

Sherri is the mother of 4 children and grandma to 5 grandkids. She’s a gifted gardener, and feels most alive connecting with nature with her fingers deep in soil, growing new things.

Feeling healthy, living intuitively, staying active and doing what she loves in life complete her picture.

Areas of expertise: Nutrition, Sprouting, Gardening, Essential Oils, Rehabilitation, Health and Aging, Natural Wellness

Cynthia Dayton

Holistic Health Coach, Lyme Crossing Coach

Cynthia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a natural health business owner. She began her journey in natural health around age 30, when her energy was so low, she often found herself lying in bed most of the day.

With 4 active children and no answers from the medical world, she searched for solutions to her health. She found what she was seeking when she discovered natural solutions.

With dedication, she successfully recovered her health, and today she enjoys better health than when she was in her 20s!

Always open to new ideas, Cynthia uses research to implement various techniques and natural solutions into her health business and her own diet and lifestyle.

Cynthia’s an experienced teacher by profession. Her vast resources of knowledge in the natural health field come from both ongoing personal study and certification.

She is a dedicated health coach and loves to help her team of health coaches reach their goals and succeed in their businesses.

Cynthia has a bold and empowering personality. She’s a strong supporter of women succeeding and loves to help others make and attain their goals.

Friendly and outgoing, Cynthia feels happiest surrounded by friends and groups of people.

Areas of Expertise: Essential Oils, Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Health and Aging, Cleansing, Green Smoothies, Health Coaching, Teaching, Healthy Weight and Food Choices, Natural Wellness

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